ICMLC 2025 Best Student Paper Award

It is our pleasure to announce the ICMLC 2025 Award for Best Student Paper which will apply to students only. How many papers will be selected for the winners of this award depends on accepted numbers and the winners will be announced at the Conference Banquet and acknowledged with a certificate and bonus. The paper must be presented by the student at the conference. Both online presentation and onsite oral presentation are acceptable. The best papers will be selected by the conference committees attending the conference, and assessment process should take into account the paper scientific content but also the student presentation performance. We look forward to receiving your contributions.


● Certificate for Best Student Paper Award
● Bonus of 800 RMB per paper
● One author/team can get a maxmium of 2 awards.

● Eligibility:

● The first author should be the undergraduate or postgraduate student at the time of original submission.
● The paper should be registered at ICMLC 2025 conference.
● The student should present at the conference.
● Eligible students will be regarded as one of candidates directly.

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Tel: +86-13258-11111-7

WeChat: asr2020217
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