Oral Presentations


Oral Presentations Instruction/现场口头报告:

Oral Presentation Duration
The accepted full paper or abstract will be given a 15 minutes slot including 2-3 minutes for Q&A.

Computers and Audio-Visual Equipment:
Please bring your presentation file (ppt or pdf) to the conference on a USB stick. Each conference room will have a PC (Windows, powerpoint and adobe reader) and a video projector. Presenting from the conference PC is the default (and the strongly preferred) option. In case of real problems, you may present from your own laptop, but please bring along any adapters needed to connect to HDMI if you need to use this option.

Set-up and Preparation:
Please be sure to arrive at your session during the preceding break (at least 15 minutes before the start of the session) and introduce yourself to the session chair. Make sure to briefly check that fonts, pictures, audio, and/or video display as you intend them to. In order to speed transitions, please set up your presentation file (or connect your computer) while the previous speaker is finishing answering questions, so that your presentation is ready to start on time.

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